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​CHC New Year Concert: "Guqin, Aesthetics and Humanism”

Published on: 11-Jan-2019

​Dear Colleagues and Friends of CHC,

You are cordially invited to attend " New Year Concert: Guqin, Aesthetics and Humanism" on 11/1/ 2019 (Friday), 3pm to 4:30pm at Level 2, Auditorium, Chinese Heritage Centre. The event will be conducted in Mandarin. Please refer to the following poster for more details.

About Guqin:

Guqin, also known as seven-stringed Chinese zither, has existed for Over 3,000 years and represents Chinese foremost solo musical instrument tradition. As one of the four arts (along with calligraphy, painting and the strategy game of Go), Guqin is closely connected with Chinese culture and the cultivation of  personal characters. Over centuries, guqin ideology developed from the confluence of Confucianist, Taoist and Buddhist influences. In 2003, Guqin was listed into the List of Masterpieces of UNESCO Oral and Intangible Heritage.

Admission is free. Registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please register at the following link:

Or contact us:

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