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Guidelines for Wang Gungwu Library book donations

The Wang Gungwu Library is committed to develop collection specializing in Overseas Chinese studies, history of Nanyang University, history of Southeast Asia region, and early Chinese textbooks. As at early 2013, with the enthusiastic support from the people from all walks of life both locally and abroad, we have collected nearly 60,000 volumes of various documents, which are of great value in academic research and promoting cultural exchange. Due to the limitation of library space and collection scope, and for the development of the library in the long run, donors are strongly advised to adhere to the following guidelines:

1. We accept:

  • materials which fall within the scope of the Library collection, i.e. Studies of Overseas Chinese, history of Nanyang University (Nantah), history of Southeast Asia region, and early Chinese textbooks, recorded in various formats, such as official publication, document, manuscript, letter, picture, and audio-visual item
  • scholarly materials relevant to the university’s learning, teaching and research needs.
  • relevant materials which are unavailable in the Library, or which require a duplicate

2. We decline:

  • materials not accord with the Library’s collection requirements
  • materials which are meant for school children (except early Chinese textbooks).
  • duplicate items of low circulation rate which are already held by the Library, albeit in good condition
  • books in damaged condition, e.g. missing/loose pages, serious insect infestation (except rare and unique editions)
  • pirated materials

The Library reserves the ownership right to determine the disposition of all donated materials according to its need, including disposal of unwanted items and items withdrawn subsequently, without notifying respective donors. The Library is not obligated to return the unwanted/deselected items to the donor.

All unwanted/deselected donations will be processed according to the disposition guidelines below:

3. Disposition of unwanted/deselected items:

  • Give away as gifts to other depository units (libraries, research institutes, etc)
    Give unwanted books away to other libraries and research institutes.Swap with other libraries or resource centres for mutual benefits
    Exchange unwanted books with other libraries and research institutes.
  • Discard items which are pirated, in damaged condition or not deemed to be given away or swapped

4. Acknowledgement

For donations less than 100 items, an acknowledgement letter, containing the name of donor, date of donation and list of donation items will be sent. We will also indicate the donor and donation date in each book’s bibliographic record. For donations more than 100 items, an additional bookplate with name of donor will be added on the verso of book’s cover page.

5. Packing, Pick-Up & Delivery Procedures

Unless otherwise arranged, we would appreciate it if you could deliver the materials to the Library in person. 

6. Contact of Making Donations

Wang Gungwu Library, Chinese Heritage Centre, 12 Nanyang Drive Singapore 637721

Tel: 65138680

Email: or



(一) 资金捐助:华裔馆欢迎个人及集团的捐献,以助其完成使命。
(二) 关于世界各地华人出洋历程、谋生创业、生活方式、风俗习惯及家族发展的
(三) 关于世界各国在各个历史时期对海外华人国籍、公民权、移民、留学、就业、
(四) 关于海外华人社团、华文学校、华文媒体等机构组织实物和文献资料。如:
(五) 研究海外华人的学术著作。 
(六) 关于海外华人的音像、口述历史资料。包括:录音、录像、纪录片、日记、
(七) 与海外华人研究有关的其它实物和资料。
(一) 对捐赠资金、实物和文献的个人、团体和组织,采取寄送捐赠清单回执,
(二)  对捐赠价值较高的资金、文物、资料举办一定形式的捐赠仪式。
(三) 对大批量历史实物和资料捐赠可酌情举办专题展。 
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