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华裔馆建馆二十周年纪念册 (1995-2015) 

Scaling New Heights
Chinese Heritage Centre 20th Anniversary Commemorative Album (1995-2015)

In celebration of CHC 20th Anniversary, CHC has published a commemorative album, edited by Prof Zhou Min. This 125-page album recounts the challenges, activities, and achievements of CHC in the past 20 years with remarks and reflections from pioneers, founders, leaders, partners, and friends. It consists of 7 memorable content parts.  



A Pictorial History of Nantah

Nanyang University (Nantah) was the only Chinese language institution of higher education/learning outside China. Its establishment marked a milestone in the development of education among Chinese Overseas.

When Mr Tan Lark Sye proposed the founding of a Chinese language university in 1953, his vision was received with great enthusiasm by the Chinese communities in Singapore, Malaya and other parts of Southeast Asia.

Generous donations in cash and kind came from Chinese from all walks of life, from rich tycoons to poor hawkers and peddlers. However, the university soon encountered a series of setbacks and turbulence.

Although Nantah was able to establish itself rapidly as an institution offering quality education, it succumbed at the end to a host of pressures. In its brief 25-year history, from 1956 to 1980, the university was a beacon of Chinese language education and culture in Southeast Asia. The university and the values it inculcated in a generation of students embodied what is known as The Nantah Spirit. Nantah is widely regarded as a unique chapter in the annals of Chinese Overseas experience. Each of the 125 photographs presented in this book tells a thousand stories about hopes, idealism, commitment and self-sacrifices. They capture the unprecedented spirit behind the founding of Nantah, its growth and demise. It is a rich story that still evokes strong emotions among many.

Southeast Asian Personalities of Chinese Descent - A Biographical Dictionary

This project took about six years, using both CHC and external expertise. The Centre engaged Ms Grace Chew (Vietnam) and Ms Daw Win (Myanmar) as research associates to write many of the entries in addition to those contributed by external researches and experts. Dr Lim Boon Hock, CHC manager, was also involved in the research and writing of the Laos and Cambodia entries. Professor Leo himself did some of the writings on Indonesia and served as the general editor of the project.

This is the Centre’s third heavyweight project after The Encyclopedia of Chinese Overseas and Journal of Chinese Overseas. The Centre collaborated with ISEAS Publishing which will bring out the Dictionary in print. It consists of 608 entries by 177 authors. The two-volume publication is scheduled to be launched on 1 November 2012.

此耗时六载之东南亚华裔人物传记辞典(英文版),汇集了华裔馆与外界专家的作品。除了获外界研究员与专家献稿以外,本馆也聘任了周彩丽小姐(撰写越南人物)与Daw Win小姐(撰写缅甸人物)为助理研究员,为本辞典撰文不少。本馆经理林文福博士亦参与撰写寮国(老挝)与柬埔寨的人物。身为主编,廖建裕教授也亲自撰写了一些印尼人物。

续The Encyclopedia of Chinese Overseas《海外华人百科全书》与Journal of Chinese Overseas(海外华人学报)后,此乃本馆第三重量级项目,由华裔馆与东南亚研究院出版社联合出版。本辞典收录了177位作者撰述的608篇人物传记。此书共二册,定于2012年11月1日发布。


                                          The Encyclopedia of the Chinese Overseas A Tapestry of Many Threads

"The Encyclopedia of the Chinese Overseas" (English and Chinese editions) was launched in October 1998 by the Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr Goh Chok Tong. 

Edited by the Founding Director of the Centre, Lynn Pan, the Encyclopedia is the first written work to provide a panoramic and comparative view across past and present overseas Chinese communities worldwide. Its publication reflects the growing interest of international scholarship in diasporic communities and the worldwide upsurge in ethnic awareness.

The Chinese diaspora is a product of the interplay of diverse histories and traditions. It has inherited Chinese experiences and has also been modified and enriched by transplantation to other continents and civilisations. The encyclopedia's task is to cover the most important aspects of these experiences. 

Not an A-to-Z book with short entries, the volume is geographically and thematically organised. The largest section consists of country-by-country profiles of individual Chinese communities. The rest divides into thematic sections on origins, migration, institutions, ties to China and inter-ethnic relations.



Encyclopedia of the Chinese Overseas - French edition
While the book contains a wealth of factual material and is thus an invaluable reference for those seeking specific information, each of its sections is designed to be read continuously. It is written in a way that is accessible to the general reader and yet remains scholarly and authoritative for academic specialists. 

Complex material is clearly and vividly presented in text, boxed features, maps, graphs, tables, archival and contemporary pictures. Chinese proper names and terms are identified with their characters in a glossary, while full references to Chinese, English, French, Dutch and Russian works are given in the bibliography.